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Our competences

Climate crisis, climate change, climate opportunity – your
attitude counts!

As a team, we focus on reconciling economic success with the development of ecological potential for our clients – together we create advantages for the companies themselves and take responsibility for a better future for all of us.

But which levers are suitable for making your company economically and ecologically successful in the long term? What opportunities does sustainability offer in concrete terms and how do you use them? Create transparency for these and other questions with our ‘Quick-Check’ sustainability strategy.

When it comes to ecology and climate change, we are no longer faced with the decision of whether to do something, but must consider what we can do.


Companies that do not act in time expose themselves to several risks. With the goal of being CO2-neutral by 2050, the entire economy must undergo a fundamental change and meet increasingly stringent requirements. Without quick and intensive adjustments, many organizations are threatened by the non-fulfillment of government regulations, as well as possible lawsuits from authorities, competitors or even society.


Companies that persist on their status quo may lose competitiveness and reputation. Not only does declining demand increase the financial risk at an operational level, strategically seen are companies with a backward-looking image becoming increasingly unattractive for investors and applicants.


Failure to comply with
government regulations

Emissions reporting
CO2 limits
Climate tariffs


Environmental plans
Private lawsuits

financial risks

Investment requirements
Compensation costs

Increasing lack of

Technology risks
Product risks
Price risks

reputational risk

Evaluation of business practices
War for talents
Loss of strategic partnerships


Energy sources

Low-emission solutions

Resource efficiency

Reduction of operating costs
Bottleneck avoidance

New products & services

Competitive position
Portfolio expansion

New markets

Diversification opportunities
“Blue Ocean” markets


Faster learning cycles

However, the future and the path to climate neutrality can also bring a wealth of opportunities for companies. By using low-emission energy sources, resources are used more efficiently which reduces your operating costs.


New products and services give you decisive competitive advantages and enable you to access new markets through diversification – perhaps you will even become an innovator in a field that is still completely vacant (“Blue Ocean” markets). No matter what your path looks like, in any case you will develop a resilient mindset to be well prepared for new challenges in the future.


Because one saying is true now more than ever: Nothing is as constant as change!

The goal is clear – the path must be too!

Minimizing risks and exploiting opportunities – what sounds simple in a textbook is often a major challenge for complex companies. With us, the way into the future becomes a bit easier and above all clear and predictable.


What distinguishes us from other management consultancies is our fundamental attitude and our approach. We are convinced that only a transparent and comprehensive transformation concept will bring our clients sustainable results. At the same time, even the best concept is useless if it is not implemented in the depths of your organization – which is why we accompany every single step, from aligning all activities to supervising the actual implementation across all levels, in all processes.


Learn more about how we make your company fit for the future with sustainable success and a changed way of thinking and working!

Our competences

Our elements for future viability and success

Operationalize strategy

Define key figures, targets and losses

Implement standards & process control

Determine Status Quo

Establish steering structure

Realize projects

Plan achieving objectives

Accompany changes

Build competence

Aligning goals

Steering transparently

Realizing results

Inspiring people

More than 14 years of personal experience – various clients – countless projects

We have great fun to explore new paths together with our clients, celebrate successes and learn something new again and again. We can look back on many successful projects and have developed tailor-made solutions with a wide variety of companies for their challenges.


Even if you don’t know yet where exactly you want to go, please feel free to contact us – in addition, you will find a selection of reference projects or if you click through the examples below.


Our vision

In the future all companies will think and act economically and ecologically.

An equal understanding of the compatibility of ecology and economy, the desire for lasting change, the passion for really good processes as well as enthusiastic clients and employees – this is what unites us and drives us forward every day.


After several years in different consultancies – sometimes as a team, sometimes in different companies – we set new additional priorities as ENDURE Consulting and build our collaboration with clients, employees and partners upon clear values.


Learn more about us here – we are looking forward to your contact!

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We also look forward to hearing from you if you can report on exciting developments yourself or would like to work with us on a success story.

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