How do you look into the future? Are you satisfied when you are profitable or do you wish for a “more valuable tomorrow”? And why not both?


Balance isn’t either/or; it’s and. (Stephen Covey)

Together towards the future –
economically and ecologically

“Endure” stands for “to prove persistence”, “to last”. For us, this is our principle in two respects: we reconcile economic success AND climate neutrality in companies to make them more sustainable. For this purpose, we are professionals in operational implementation – we accompany you on every step of the way and ensure that not only your processes, but also your culture and the way your organization thinks and works are changed for the long term.


Whether you only want to change individual areas or rebuild the big picture – we make it possible. Custom-tailored implementation planning is a prerequisite for success. For us, four elements are essential for the sustainability and success of an organization.


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Aligning goals

What do we understand by “aligning goals”?

In this step we create a mutual understanding and develop clear targets. We bring economic and ecological drivers into accordance and establish coherence. To uncover deficiencies, we always ensure measurability as a basis for process- and potential analyses.

Benefits in a nutshell:

A clear vision / strategy reconciles your economic and ecological goals for the future

Indirect goals such as sustainable work, your image and your employer brand get the necessary focus

Long- and short-term development potentials become transparent and get prioritized

Key figures get questioned, adapted to the new orientation and established suitably to your organization’s roles

Operationalize strategy


We bring all ecological and economic challenges and success drivers of our customers into a structured system to derive concrete and feasible steps.


Vision & strategy are linked all the way to the operative action and are understood by everyone

Tactical fields of action are prioritized and match the company/ site orientation

Implementation strategy and resource planning are transparent for everyone and get decided on jointly

Define key figures, targets and losses


From all ecological and economic future plans, your data, specifications and requirements, we develop the core key figures for the organization (further).


All goals are measurable and can be tracked objectively

Losses are transparent for everyone, influencing factors are clearly broken down

Connections are revealed and discussed objectively, the organization starts to look for solutions instead of a party to blame

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Steering transparently

What do we understand by „steering transparently“?

Together, as is well known, people are less alone and not all topics belong in top management. Bilateral steering mechanisms and a comprehensible network of key figures will lead to employees at all levels better understanding their role, taking over responsibility by themselves and becoming more involved. Ecological and economic goals are jointly tracked according to priorities and capacities, success gets measurable.

Benefits in a nutshell:

The individual levels of your organization understand their respective influenceable contribution to the achievement of economic and ecological goals

Responsibilities, tasks and competencies are put in the right place – roles and interactions are clear

Losses and potentials become visible, visualized trends and risks allow targeted control – from operative employee to managing director

Prioritized measures + capacity-based resource planning = appropriately deployed employees + maximum effect

Determine Status Quo


We carry out a comprehensive assessment with ecological and economic aspects for you: Where are you now and what do you aim for? What are your current losses? What can you do and where are potentials for e.g. digitalization or process reengineering?


Precise potentials for the fulfillment of specifications / benchmarks / certifications become visible

Our independent view enables you to change your perspective

Fields of action can be examined in short- or long-term perspective (maturity assessment)

Establish steering structure


Adapted to your situation and your goals, we set up a visual performance management system and implement the optimal information at the right place. We bring your employees into taking responsibility through clear key figures, training and on-site support.


Deviations and trends become immediately visible, you react faster

Your employees act according to their role and take their responsibility more seriously

Motivation and communication are improved through clear processes and increasing self-responsibility

Plan achieving objectives


We teach you to look at yourself more analytically and to plan targeted projects that take ecological and economic aspects into account. Project key figures and appropriate capacity planning realize measurable successes and increase feasibility.


You gain transparency about all current and planned initiatives

Your organization is in motion and aligned with priorities, progress is measured and tracked

Qualification gaps and resource conflicts can be resolved in a targeted manner

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Realizing results

What do we understand by “realizing results”?

The plan is in place, the budget is clear, your employees get started – and yet the desired success does not happen, the project fails, everyone is frustrated.


With us, you achieve improved processes, reduce your losses, expand the competencies of your employees and ensure motivation & increasing personal responsibility. Our framework is transferable, offers digital solutions that you progressively monitor yourself and ensures sustainable results. And don’t worry: we will not leave before it really works.



Benefits in a nutshell:

Structured projects lead to high implementation speed and better, measurable results

Your organization implements methods according to your needs (e.g. digitalization, Lean, Six Sigma, ...) and develops itself continuously

The competencies of your employees grow, the visible successes increase motivation, self-initiative and appreciation

Your vision / strategy becomes more tangible for the operative level by understanding their own work’s influence on company goals

Realize projects


We teach your employees to manage the success of their initiatives from problem definition through team selection, application of techniques, progress measurement and securitization of results. As method trainers, coaches and supporters during implementation, we guide your staff to remove obstacles themselves and gain independence.


Comprehensible project plans and self-monitoring implementation

Employees become skilled in relevant methods and project management

Team successes increase the enthusiasm of all employees and facilitate the identification with the (re)orientation of the organization

Implement standards & process control


With the joint (further) development of process controls, we define suitable parameters, standards and visualizations that support the steering structure – easy to understand and manage, quickly applicable in critical places only and/or company-wide. Always just as you need it, right up to full autonomy.


Standards become lived by and are recognized as an aid, deviations are analyzed on site

Process controls provide audit-proof and standardized workflows

Increasing self-responsibility leads to (further) development of transferable best practices

Digital processes regulate themselves

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Inspiring people

What do we understand by “inspiring people”?

Climate-neutral work here, digitalized processes there – no one can be successful without “their people”. We come to fetch all employees from where they are today and inspire them with their own skills and results for new ways of thinking and working. We raise intrinsic motivation, make people want to change and create a healthy “ecosystem” through transparent structures, in which your employees lead your organization into the future and achieve long-term success through personal responsibility and fun at work.

Benefits in a nutshell:

Enthusiastic employees commit themselves for the long-term and develop themselves and the company autonomously

EVERYONE understands the ecological & economic goals of the company and lives by the new structures and processes

Well-trained employees work better together, communicate more effectively and sell success internally and externally

A strong employer brand, sustainable personnel development and New Work makes you more competitive and readier for the future

Accompany changes


Changes are never easy – we take your employees on a journey by making the strategic goals understandable and potentials clear. We do not look for guilty parties, but rather realize role-oriented behavior and appreciative communication through the incremental development of (leadership) competencies. By celebrating their own successes together, we create allies who help us with their enthusiasm to inspire others and (re-)shape the culture.


The vision image of "ecology + economy" is appropriately anchored in each area and each head

People and processes are considered equally important and potentials are unlocked

Independence and self-confidence for further in-house development are built

Build competence


We accompany and coach your organization in every step, from strategy topics to a digitalized control structure, from operational implementation of improvement projects to appreciation within and across teams. Progressively, you and your employees take over the active role in steering and producing results autonomously. The introduction of a proven system for a further development of your employees allows you to plan ahead and increase both: employee satisfaction and staffing flexibility.


Competence matrices steer the training of employees at all levels

Knowledge is provided in a practice- and demand-oriented manner and gets immediately applied

Shortage of skilled workers is minimized, employee satisfaction is increased

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