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An equal understanding of the compatibility of ecology & economy, the enthusiasm for sustainable change, the passion for really good processes as well as delighted customers and employees – this is what connects us and drives us every day anew.
We are your partner for future-proof transformation, sustainable and economic success.






ENDURE Consulting has only existed as an independent company since mid-2020, but we have both been advising companies for many years. Over time, we have been able to achieve very good economic results and implement exciting projects in many companies – and yet something was missing. We found out that we want to achieve more than just financial success and efficient processes: we want to create sustainable values!

For us, creating sustainable value means linking business success with responsibility for the environment and focusing more on people – whether as customers, partners or, above all, employees.


We are convinced that companies can only be successful in the future if the strategy, the image and the way of thinking and working of each individual employee change towards sustainable goals and ecological processes.


To achieve this, that’s what we stand for!

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Our Values

We bring years of experience to the table and support our clients with a wide variety of tools, proven methods and innovative approaches – but all of this is not enough (for us) to sustainably inspire people and build a culture of change. For us, a value-based approach to work and leadership is the absolute prerequisite – so every collaboration, whether with our clients, strategic partners and not least our employees, is characterized by 6 fundamental ideals of action:

Living loyalty & responsibility

Concrete objectives provide orientation and create trust. We form our positions on the basis of data, experience and intuition. We take responsibility for the results of our decisions.

Giving target orientation & acting decisively

Loyalty stands for trust, stability and reliability. This is reflected in the relationships we have with our employees and customers as well as in our strategic partnerships. We fulfill our corporate responsibility by always thinking about ecology when making economic decisions. If something doesn’t work for the customer, we don’t do it!

Living loyalty & responsibility

Concrete objectives provide orientation and create trust. We form our positions on the basis of data, experience and intuition. We take responsibility for the results of our decisions.

Our Team

We are united by a common vision and a clear idea of how we want to work. As a team we complement each other very well and together we build a work environment that combines unique achievements and collegial appreciation, read more here for potential employees. As a client, we look forward to interacting with you through our contact form or through our company profiles on LinkedIn

Christopher Nawrath

I draw the greatest energy from getting organizations moving – towards their goals, towards great successes and towards a climate-relevant future.

I have been guiding organizations in their transformation for over 14 years, so far my industry focus has been on companies in the process industry, the food industry and the construction industry. With ENDURE Consulting, I look forward to building pathways to the future for many more organizations, with a focus on balancing economy and ecology. Long-term success is only possible when both are combined, of that I am convinced.


Colleagues and customers sometimes describe me as ‘the uncomfortable one’ – for me, that’s a compliment! I am only satisfied when we achieve the best possible result together – for this I like to remain persistent.


My motivation is to build bridges to a valuable future!

Christoph Auch

Day by day, I take my motivation from driving sustainable entrepreneurship successfully in a more and more complex environment – together with the people around me. In this context, continuous learning is particularly important to me.


For more than ten years I have been involved in co-developing new business management methods which have been applied in various industries. This has shown: The courage for taking on a sustainable transformation of strategies and business models pays off for enterprises with both an improved competitive position and stronger ability to innovate. With ENDURE consulting, I would like to support companies to lay the strategic foundation for sustainable economic success by making business transformation a key success factor.


I support development and implementation of creative entrepreneurial solutions with clear goals. For me it is important to include all stakeholders in this process, as best results can be achieved together only.


Let’s shape our future, with sustainable and entrepreneurial passion!

Ralf Kolodjezak

I get the most joy from helping organizations overcome their major obstacles – towards a successful, positive and sustainable operating environment. It’s important to me to get under the arms of employees and leaders and really develop the organization – to pull the head out of the day-to-day business and leave the “we’ve always done it this way” attitude behind.


The philosophy of Lean Management and the methods of Operational Excellence have been with me since 2012, and I have had the opportunity to help implement these programs as an in-house consultant in the aircraft, automotive and food industries. As part of ENDURE Consulting, I am pleased to have the opportunity to support a holistic transformation that considers the interplay of all aspects of sustainable business.


Colleagues and clients appreciate me for engaging and efficient solutions, which are always accompanied by honest, direct feedback during implementation.


Is your organization already prepared for the challenges of tomorrow?

Hannes Leuner

The complex and unique challenges of the sustainability transformation motivate me to reconsider our way of life and find new solutions to preserve our prosperity for future generations. Substantial sustainability thereby evolves from simultaneous consideration of ecologic, economic and social aspects.

As chemical engineer, I gained deep knowledge of conventional and sustainable technologies in university and non-university research over the past years. At ENDURE consulting, I want to support companies and organizations on their sustainability transformation and therefore play an active role to fight climate change.

Colleagues appreciate my committed, inspiring and authentic way to develop and implement applicable and well-designed solutions with innovative approaches.


Let’s establish a circular economy and get fossil free.

Moritz Holzhauser

It is my mission to help make environmentally friendly actions an integral part of corporate culture, thus achieving long-term change.

With my energetic personality, I strive to shape new concepts that reach far beyond the moment.

As a geography graduate of the Humboldt University in Berlin, I combine my academic expertise with my entrepreneurial enthusiasm. With skills from self-employment in the field of social recruiting, I want to make my contribution so that we become even more successful as a team.

I bring a breath of fresh air into your working world and ensure that we open up new horizons together to find innovative solutions.